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Noticia Recycling – the information system for sustainable collection of waste and recyclable materials from containers


Noticia Recycling
Noticia AB

Noticia Recycling


One in five collections unnecessary!


Our own investigations show that 40-60% of waste containers for waste and recyclable materials are emptied at the wrong time – too early!


Both our own investigations and those of others show that with the right information you can reduce the emptying time and the distance driven by 15-20%.


Waste containers for waste and recyclable materials are often spread out over a wide geographical area, involving long driving distances between collections or work in busy towns and cities with a high traffic load where collection is a disturbance.

The speed at which the waste containers fill up varies depending on the season, weather, festivals and special occasions, salary payments etc.

How can you know when a container needs emptying? 


The answer is Noticia Recycling Information System!




Information System


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