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Noticia Recycling – the information system for sustainable collection of waste and recyclable materials from containers


Noticia Recycling
Noticia AB

Noticia AB


"Messy recycling stations gave rise to the start-up of the company Noticia. Noticia Recycling information system was developed in close collaboration with the then Returkartong AB, who were responsible for collection of cardboard packaging at the recycling stations in Sweden."


"We have continued to develop the Information System, specialising in the waste and recycling industry. We can now carry out measurements in both containers and compactors, and have a unique camera for monitoring in locations such as collection areas."


"Noticia AB is an innovative and entrepreneurial company and is located at Gothia Science Park in Skövde Sweden, which closely collaborates with the University College of Skövde"


"The local company and environmental prizes the company has been awarded and all the attention from the mass media have been stimulating, and show that our business is widely appreciated in the community."


Jan Eric Fasth





Ideus AB, Box 133, SE-541 23 Skövde, Sweden  Tel +46(0)500-47 01 00